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Dolce Vita Italian Extra Light Olive Oil


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  • Best enjoyed as the cooking medium for ethnic cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian.
  • This oil provides all the health benefits of olive oil without imposing the aroma of olives in cuisines that do not traditionally consume olives.
  • Country of origin – Italy.


Dolce Vita extra light olive oil is produced to give very little aroma to make it suitable for Indian and ethnic cooking.

How To Use

This olive oil lifts the aroma of Indian spices so you need to use fewer spices for the desired result, thus providing a healthy cuisine. Also used for frying and deep-frying.

Product Description

Since thousands of years, Italy is renowned for its olive oils. Italian olive oils are the finest in the world. Dolce vita olive oils are 100 percent of Italian origin – the extra virgin olive oils are extracted from olives grown only in Italy. Olive oil and extra light olive oil produced from a blend of 100 percent Italian extra virgin olive oils and refined olive oils.

From the Manufacturer

The Dolce Vita Extra Light Olive oil is a blend of 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive oils and Refined Olive oils ( the refined olive oils are from crude olive oils produced in Italy). However, great care is taken during blending and processing to ensure that the aroma of the Olive oil remains delicate and not as strong as that of Dolce Vita Olive oil.

Dolce Vita Extra Virgin Olive oil is the product of First Cold Pressing of Olives grown in Italy. This fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by several artisan olive oil producers that dot the Italian landscape, the majority of which are family businesses. Much of the oil produced is from olives grown in a farm owned by the oil mill. Dolce Vita’s team of professionals, many of whom have spent their lifetime in the service of Olive oil, personally oversee the collection and storage of this precious liquid.

Our Master Olive Oil Blender, who has three generations of experience of Olive oil blending, creates the exact recipe to provide a fruity olive oil that pleases the palate and tickles the tongue. Dolce Vita Extra Virgin Olive oil is blended from extra Virgin olive oils collected from across Italy, to produce a consistent aroma and taste – neither too strong nor weak, just right for most eating and cooking applications.

Dolce Vita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best enjoyed raw – drizzled on salads, or on any cooked dish so that its rich yet delicate aroma lends to gustatory delight whilst the valuable anti-oxidants are consumed to keep the body healthy.

To preserve the fresh taste and delicate aroma, the oil is always stored under a blanket of Nitrogen so as to prevent harmful oxidation. This means that you get an oil that not only tastes and smells fresh but also has the highest shelf life.

Produced & Packed by Compagnia Alimentare Italiana S.P.A.Via, Ponte Tapino, 19-03030 Broccostella (Fr) – Italy.

Imported & Distributed by Chenab Impex Pvt Ltd. J1-A, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road Sakinaka, Andheri(E), Mumbai 400072 INDIA.

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