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What to consider before buying Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is an exemplary ingredient that is a necessity in any kitchen. However there are a few things you need to know about the oil, before deciding to switch your cooking fuel. The health benefits of Olive Oil are well known and make a persuasive case for a switch, but there are 6 important considerations to take into account before you finally take the plunge. So here are the important things to consider before buying Olive Oil. If you’re pondering ‘What to Consider Before Buying Olive Oil,’ you’re in the right place.

End Use

When considering buying Olive Oil, the end use is extremely important. What we mean by end use is, is what do you intend to use that type of Olive Oil for. Contrary to popular belief its smoking point of 190  – 205 degree centigrade (or 370 – 405 degrees Fahrenheit) means that extra virgin olive oil is perfectly suited for most cooking methods. However it is its distinctive flavour profile and aroma which makes it more suited as a tasty salad dressing or in sautéing or distinctive Mediterranean cooking. However if general purpose cooking is the end use, we’d recommend blended or extra light Olive Oil, as it has all the same health benefits of Extra Virgin, but has a more neutral flavour and as such makes an excellent cooking ingredient.


While Spanish Olive Oil tends to be fruitier, almost nutty in flavour, its Italian counterpart is more earthy, grassier and herbaceous. This again boils down to the climate, the minerals in the soil, humidity, temperature etc.


Olive oils of different purity and grade have widely differing price points. Being the purest of all grades, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obviously the most expensive. Of course considering its excellent taste and health benefits it is an occasional indulgence in salad dressings and skin care. When it comes to everyday cooking, Blended Olive Oils are comparatively more inexpensive and offer the same gamut of health benefits and are therefore a good choice from an economic, health and taste standpoint.

Brand Reputation

Olive Oil is one of the most adulterated food products in the world. This is because of its limited supply and incredible world wide demand. Taking advantage of this scarcity, unscrupulous elements resort to producing spurious, counterfeit and substandard products and profiting off unsuspecting consumers. This is why brand reputation is an important consideration while making purchase decisions. Read up about the makers of Olive Oils online and on various consumer websites before deciding on purchasing them.

Sol 100% Spanish Olive Oil is a premium product which is made in Spain, by reputed manufacturers and is imported into the country by Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd., a trusted name in the food industry.

Country of origin

The best Olive Oils in the world are single origin, or made in one country. Most of the best Olive Oils are produced and labelled as, “Packed in Italy” or “Packed in Spain” that are specific about the country of origin. Beware of labels that are vague, like “Product of EU” or “Made in EU” as they could be lower in quality or altogether dubious. The Sol Spanish Olive Oil range is made from the finest Spanish Olives. Similarly Dolce Vita’s Italian Olive Oil range is made with the best Italian Olives.

Cold Pressed

Cold pressing is a method that is used to preserve the flavour and aroma of an oil. The first step in the cold press method is to grin the fruit of the olive tree into a paste. The paste is then pressed with an oil stone or some other implement and this forces the oil to separate from the solids. Cold pressed olive oil retains the flavour and aroma of the fruit from which it is extracted and this gives extra virgin olive oil, its signature flavour and aroma profile.

So there you have it, the 6 most important things to consider when buying Olive Oil. We at Chenab Gourmet love Olive Oil and our Sol 100% Spanish Olive Oil is an amazing ingredient for your kitchen. Do check us out at and as always keep exploring the world of wonderful foods.



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