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The origins of Paella, the wonderful Mediterranean rice dish


Paella is a Spanish dish that combines the most satisfying aspects of a plethora of regional dishes. Traditionally, paella is made using ingredients native to Spain’s regions, but paellas have been created with all types of seafood and meats. The origin of paella dates back to Roman times when food was served at all meals in amphitheaters during gladiatorial games, known as ‘Cena.’ It was here that people were able to mingle freely with their neighbors and fellow diners who shared their mealtime conversations over food prepared by slaves or slaves who worked for their masters at home.

What is Paella?


Paella is a one-pot rice dish consisting of rice, seafood and vegetables cooked in a saffron-infused stock. It’s traditionally served with small pieces of poached chicken or other meats.

The name “paella” comes from the special pan it’s cooked in: The paellera, which literally translates to “boat.” According to Spanish cookbook author María Teresa Ruiz de Santayana (who has several books about Spanish food), there are two types of paellas: The first type uses chicken broth instead of water to cook your rice; the second type uses fish broth instead of water. Both are known as paellas (the latter being called bacalao).

Spanish Origins and Agrarian Europe

Paella is a Spanish rice dish that originates from Valencia, a city in the east of Spain. Valencia was a major port city during the late 15th century and early 16th century. The area around Valencia was an agricultural region known for its rich soil and abundant harvests, which made it an ideal location for growing rice.

The word “paella” comes from the Latin word panis albi, meaning white bread; this refers to the original method of cooking paella by baking it in an iron pan lined with clay or stone instead of using metal pots like today’s versions do (aluminum pans are forbidden because they conduct heat poorly). The clay used for making these pans contained minerals such as iron oxide which give them their distinctive coloration: dark brown on one side and light tan on the other—this distinctive coloration makes identifying ancient earthenware easy!

What is paella made with?

Paella is made with the following ingredients:

  • Chicken stock
  • Rice, being the most common type but there are many different types of paellas out there—you can find your favorite here!

The preparation of a paella begins with soaking and cooking your rice in chicken or beef stock until tender. The rice should then be drained thoroughly before adding other ingredients such as saffron threads for flavor, garlic cloves for flavor and color, olives for additional Mediterranean flair…and maybe some tomatoes if you’re feeling fancy! Finally, you’ll top off everything with liquid from whatever leftover veggies you have left over from making soup earlier in the day (if any).

Paella is a delightfully delicious Spanish dish that combines the most satisfying aspects of a plethora of regional dishes.

Paella is a delightful Spanish dish that combines the most satisfying aspects of a multitude of regional dishes. It’s made with rice, seafood and other ingredients, cooked over an open fire. There are many different kinds of paella — including one called “paella valenciana” that comes from Valencia, where it has long been prepared for special occasions like weddings or births (it’s also traditionally served with chicken).

The dish was created by poor farmers who lacked access to better-quality foods but needed something quick and easy because they couldn’t afford time off from their daily work schedules. Since then, it has become famous throughout Spain as well as other parts of Europe due to its simple but delicious combination of flavors — which makes sense considering how much work went into creating them!

Paella is a fantastic dish for all occasions, and we at Chenab Gourmet are always at hand to help you explore the fascinating world of international cuisine. 

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