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The Dummies Guide to a Gluten Free Lifestyle.

We are all familiar with the term gluten. In recent years gluten has come to be one of the most common food allergies. We have all seen the term gluten free in many everyday foods including atta, flour, baked foods like biscuits, cakes and cookies, pasta etc. But do you know what it is and why a Gluten Free lifestyle is the need of the hour?

What is gluten?

Gluten is a commonly occurring protein found in cereal grains including wheat, rye and barley. Its main function is that it acts as sort of a natural glue that helps food maintain their shape. Most baked products are made from these three grains, and therefore contain gluten.

Gluten free meaning?

These are foods that naturally contain no gluten, or foods from which gluten is extracted by physical or chemical processes.

What is a gluten allergy? How common is it?

Gluten allergy is the inability of the body to process gluten in foods. It can manifest itself in several ways. The most common symptom of this allergy is severe diarrhoea. Difficulty in digestion, passing wind, severe belching, trapped gas and other gastrointestinal symptoms are also common by-products of a gluten allergy. It is one of the most common food allergies. The sad part is that most people don’t know about this and simply chalk up the symptoms to indigestion and acidity or gas.

What are the benefits of a gluten free diet / lifestyle?


  1. Improves energy levels:

This diet helps boost energy levels in people suffering from chronic fatigue caused by gluten sensitivity.


  1. Promotes healthy weight gain:

Gluten rich diets cause gastric discomfort, bloating, and in extreme cases even unhealthy weight-loss which a diet free of gluten can counter.


  1. Reduces joint pains:

Even though gluten sensitivity has to do with the gut, it can affect the joints of the body. Gluten free diets have been known to reduce joint pain in gluten sensitive people.


  1. Reduces symptoms of lactose intolerance:

People suffering from Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity have also displayed signs of lactose intolerance.  A Gluten Free diet can help reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance. Other benefits include reduction in headaches, improved bone health, improved skin health, improved hair health and helping alleviate symptoms of depression.


What are some common gluten free food items / snacks?


  1. Riscossa Range of Pasta


Gluten Free Pasta

Riscossa is one of Italy’s best known producers of pasta. Riscossa Gluten Free Pasta is made from rice flour, brown rice flour and quinoa. They are available in spaghetti, spirali and penne rigata shape varietals.


  1. Blue Elephant range of curry pastes and soups:



Thai food is one of the most flavourful and healthy cuisines in the world. Blue Elephant is one of the world’s most sought after brands of Thai ready-to-cook curry and soup pastes. These pastes contain no flour, preservatives, or MSG. They are 100%vegetarian and gluten free.


  1. Meishi range of rice noodles, vermicelli and spring roll paper:



Meishi rice noodles, vermicelli noodles and spring roll paper have rice flour as their main ingredient which is naturally gluten free. Use our Meishi range in a variety of Southeast Asian dishes and yield lip-smacking results.


  1. Tracklement Gluten Free Spitfire Mustard:


Condiments on the whole contain little to no grains, leavening agents or flour or any kind. Tracklement Spitfire Mustard is a fiery mustard that adds a kick to cold cuts, in dips and marinades.

  1. Isvaari range of seeds and cereals:


Gluten Free Organic Kodo Millets

From organic millets of all kinds, to chia seeds and amaranth, Isvaari’s range of organic seeds and cereals are a boon for consumers, looking for a healthy cooking / dining option.

A gluten free lifestyle can be the key to numerous health benefits. It is not difficult to maintain, as simple substitutions of daily cereals. Begin your exploration with us, visit our online store today.

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