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Tracklement Gluten Free Spitfire Chilli Mustard,140g


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  • Spitfire Chili Mustard is a volcanic condiment for courageous tastebuds. Fires up cold meats, cheeses and sausages.
  • Our Chili Mustard is hot and spicy, adding a much needed kick to your favorite dishes.
  • Ingredients : Mustard Flour (33%), Water, Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Cider Vinegar, Chili Powder, Turmeric, Concentrated Lemon Juice.
  • Delicious with cheese, hams and sausages, devilled eggs and as an omnibus accompaniment to light up bland dishes. (We Indians enjoy it with Pizza and Pasta)
  • SPITFIRE Chili Mustard from Tracklements is a glutenfree product.


Whilst reading the 17th Century diary of John Evelyn, our founder, William Tullberg found a recipe for Wholegrain Mustard.  His curiosity piqued, he tried his hand at the art of mustard making in his home in Urchfont, Wiltshire. A little later that year, after his initial trials, William adapted an industrial coffee mill to grind mustard seed. He sold a few jars of his fabulous mustard to the local pub, complete with handwritten labels. Wholegrain Mustard in the UK was reborn. Continuing our commitment to buying the best, local ingredients wherever possible, Tracklements enlist the help of a local farmer to grow mustard for them. Tracklements is awarded Specialty Producer of the Year in the Great Taste Awards reflecting our commitment to making the best products we can, using the best ingredients and traditional, handmade cooking techniques. Chests puff up yet more when Tewkesbury Hot Mustard is voted one of the UKs top 50 foods in the Great Taste Awards. Today Tracklements is now headed up by William’s son, Guy. We’re still based in Wiltshire and we still make a range of over 50 products. Everything is still made by hand, in small batches to traditional recipes which we still sniff out from recipe books, old and new, and distant countries. You can find Tracklements in 24 countries worldwide. There are times when the Dijon and other traditional mustards feel inadequate. When you need something to fire up your taste buds. To match the fiery taste Tracklement launched its new mustard SPITFIRE Chili Mustard. Our glutenfree mustard flour is from Canada, where the rainfall and temperature have an impact on the piquant flavor, giving it a blast of heat. SPITFIRE Chili Mustard from Tracklements. Like its namesake, the Battle of Britain hero – this is a fiery fighter too. A volcanic condiment for courageous tastebuds.

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