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Sol Whole Dried Arbol Chillies with Stem


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  • Chiles de Árbol are small and thin Mexican peppers, growing to 2-3 inches long and less than a ½ inch wide. They mature to a bright, vibrant red, and are harvested and used at this stage.
  • The dried whole chilies are often used to make chili pepper wreaths, or ristras, because when dried they keep their deep red color.
  • Particularly popular in Guadalajara, arbol chillies have a searing but clean heat ideal for making piquant broths or fiery hot sauces
  • Essential in Thai curries and burnt chili paste, these peppers mature from green to red and retain their bright color when dried.
  • Chile De Arbol adds a spicy dynamic to many dips and sauces. The flakes of chile de arbol will resuscitate mango or tomato salsas.

Country Of Origin: Mexico

Best Before Date : 200 grm – 03.07.2024

Best Before Date : 40 grm – 31.10.2024



Mexico is the home of chilies! With more than 150 indigenous varieties of chilies to choose from, with each having a special use. we have exciting range of the leading and most popular varieties of dried Mexican chilies. These exceptional chilies are not only about the heat but also about their aroma and taste. In fact, many of the chilies are not ‘hot’ but impart a characteristic taste which is unforgettable. The De Arbol chilli is said to have originated in Mexico. The name “De Arbol” means “tree like” in Spanish and was named that because of its long woody stem. Arbol is a small, thin Mexican pepper that has a smoky grassy characteristic with an acidic heat, that is about 6 times hotter than a Jalapeno pepper. This pretty red chilli is a long, pointed chilli and grows from 2 to 3 inches in length. The stems are long and fine. This is a chilli whose flavor you will remember, along with the searing heat, behind the heat is a tannic, smoky, slightly earthy flavor. Arbol is related to the cayenne chilli. The spicy chilli is also ground and added to fruits or vegetables like jicama or cucumbers. Try using these chiles in salsas, sauces, soups and stews. When using dried chiles, you can opt to toast them first for added flavor and re-hydrate them by soaking in hot tap water for about 20 minutes. Don’t soak any longer or they can become bitter. The best relief for a burning mouth isn’t water; it’s a mild yogurt or sour cream. We strongly recommend that you experiment with these chilies in your Indian dishes to provide a mysterious touch of taste and aroma to a traditional dish! Other cuisines like Chinese and Southeast Asian have benefitted from the incorporation of these chilies.

Processed by :PIVEG, S. DE R.L. DE V.V., Alfonso Trueba Olivares 118 INT 3,Col Villas Del Paraiso, Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Imported,Repacked & Distributed by : Chenab Impex Pvt Ltd. J1-A, Ansa Industrial Estate,Saki Vihar Road Sakinaka,Andheri(E), Mumbai 400072 INDIA.

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Sol Whole Dried Arbol Chillies with Stem

  1. Ramesh Menon

    Lots of wonderful flavor!

  2. Bhavin M.

    These are ultra fresh, dried but not crispy. Kinda moist and waxy. That means they are ultra fresh! These will last me for about 6 months. I eat 1 or 2 with everything. Always happy with chili’s from Mexico. They were packed tight and neat. Good job! Excellency!!!

  3. Chetan

    Good versatile product, nicely dried without becoming ‘old’.

  4. Isha Mehta

    Outstanding product & customer service!

  5. Vishal

    Lots of very good quality peppers, hot

  6. Namrata G

    Fresh, authentic, good flavour

  7. Deep puri

    I used these peppers to make a version of chili crisps. The chilis have just the right amount of heat for me. Very tasty, but not so hot as to require medical attention. They enhance the taste of many dishes.

  8. Lisa

    This is the third time I have ordered this brand of CHILI ARBOL, and I have not been disappointed. They arrive in a sealed bag, and are VERY fresh and pliable and full of flavor.

  9. Krishna T.

    I love this dried chili as it has a great flavor and a little heat. Just enough spice to make you take notice. Goes great in any dish and I love these in my mexican dishes. Great taste and so easy to use.

  10. Jackman b.

    The se will definitely add a spicy punch to you meals . I use them a lot with guajillo chiles for making Diablo shrimp. One of my favorite Mexican dishes . But be warned , it can get pretty hot !

  11. Joseph

    I usually never do reviews, but had to for these! The peppers are wonderful quality. They are very soft – they’re not old and crumbly. It is also apparent that great care was taken when picking them as they are all healthy looking. Lastly, they do not contain stems which eliminates much work for me! Will definitely buy again!! Made a yummy taquería salsa with them.

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