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Sol Spanish Sweet Paprika seasoning

1.493.61 /gm

Weight 750 g, 75 g

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750g, 75g

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Best Before: Array
  • Our AOC paprika is sourced from the Murcia and La Vera. This bright paprika seasoning offers both middling heat and brilliant color and has the standard ASTA Paprika, 120-140 ASTA (Premium).
  • The best thing about Spanish Sweet Paprika is that it allows you to garner that peppery flavor in ample amounts without letting the spice overpower the rest of the flavors of the dish.
  • Typically just labeled as paprika, this spice adds vibrant color to any dish. It can be sprinkled as a garnish over deviled eggs or potato salad, or used as a flavoring for meat rubs. It has a sweet pepper flavor, without any heat.
  • Sweet paprika spice, also referred to as sweet pimenton, adds an incredible layer of mild heat and sweet flavor to meat, chicken, seafood, eggs and vegetable dishes. It makes a perfect flavoring for rubs as well. Discover how sweet paprika livens up your favorite dishes!
  • Ingredients: AOC Sweet Paprika (90%), Cayenne Pepper (4%), Salt, Dried Oregano, Dried Rosemary

Country Of Origin: Spain

Best Before Date : 750 grm – 23.09.2024

Best Before Date : 75 grm – 13.01.2025



With Sol we offer you exceptional products of Spanish origin, ranging from traditional ingredients for authentic recipes to modern ingredients for avant-garde cuisines. Sol bring for you the quintessential Spanish spice Paprika seasoning Smoked/Hot/Sweet. As you know, there’s a big difference between sweet, smoked, and hot paprika. Paprika is a spice made from dried and ground red peppers. It is traditionally made from Capsicum annuum varietals in the Longum group, which also includes chili peppers, but the peppers used for paprika tend to be milder and have thinner flesh, Paprika can range from mild to hot – the flavor also varies from country to country. Sweet paprika is a ground dry spice made from sweet, bright dried red peppers. It’s not spicy, rather sweet paprika is fruity, a little tart and bitter, and of course, pleasantly sweet. It can be sprinkled as a garnish over deviled eggs or potato salad, or used as a flavoring for meat rubs. It has a sweet pepper flavor, without any heat. If a recipe doesn’t specify the type of paprika, we recommend using this kind. Sol Spanish Sweet paprika provides a sweeter flavor to calm down the heat, but smoked paprika will add a delicious, subtle smokiness. Other dishes, like Moroccan Butternut Squash Chickpea Stew and Slow-Cooked BBQ Pork Roast need the sweet paprika to balance other spices. We generally don’t recommend substituting in hot or smoked paprika. Sweet paprika is the more commonly-available type of paprika, and if you buy a spice that is simply labelled ‘paprika’ it is most likely sweet paprika. Similarly, recipes that call for paprika usually mean sweet paprika. Sweet paprika pairs well with both earthy and tangy flavours, and adds a subtle sweetness to spice mixes that balances out the punchier flavours. The milder taste of sweet paprika means that you can use it for almost anything and everything. It doesn’t focus on heat. Instead, it is used to bring about that unique peppery flavor that comes from the crushed up, dried, red peppers. In fact, you may even use it in some dishes to lower the heat level if the original intensity is simply too much for you. Spanish Sweet Paprika is often simply used as a garnish or coloring agent in dishes. We offer the perfect mix to impart that uniquely paprika taste to your Paella and other Spanish delicacies. We suggest you add our Spanish saffron!

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  1. ED

    Hard to find in stores. Delivered promptly.

  2. Shankar

    I have been using this paprika for a while and decided to write a review. We love it!
    It’s very tasty, fresh and great quality

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