Sant Aniol Natural Mineral Still Water | 500ml | (Pack of 24) PET Bottle



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Best Before: 23-12-2025
  • Sant Aniol is not just water rather its a vital element of a healthy & blissful lifestyle. Filtered for thousands of years through volcanic rocks of Garrotxa’s Natural Park (Spain) provides the level of purity, free of contaminants and rich in minerals.
  • Sant Aniol Natural Mineral water Promotes health and well-being, since volcanic rocks act as a source of minerals.
  • Sant Aniol Water is Rich in calcium, which promotes healing and the development of bone structure and Low in sodium.
  • Rich in magnesium, which is recommended for the treatment of calcium stones and related to the proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • Ingredients: Natural volcanic mineral water.

Best Before Date: 29.12.2025



Authentic mineral water from the only volcano in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal). Water that is rich with mineral content yet with a delicate taste! Founded in 1993, SANT ANIOL still is a family business. Sant Aniol’s spring can be found in Garrotxa, a region in Girona, at a depth of 115 meters. A slope located in a place of sedimented lava and volcanic rock makes Sant Aniol a water of great purity and excellent qualities. From within a land that the lava created thousands of years ago flows Sant Aniol’s water, the one and only with volcanic origin in the Iberian Peninsula. Arising from Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, Sant Aniol’s water finds its singularity in its source, materialised not only in its unique composition and traits, but also in its distinctive nature: the Volcanic Spirit. Sant Aniol is Volcanic Spirit. Sometimes calm water, sometimes swirling water. It is intensity and improvement. It has the strength of an active volcano, as well as the quietness of a dormant one. Its composition is rich in minerals. Sant Aniol water has twice converted it into the winner of the prestigious Superior Taste Award, an award given by the International Taste & Quality Institute that annually recognizes the best international food products. A design that has gone beyond the framework of the restoration in order to be applauded by the world of design. Sant Aniol’s water presents a balanced mineral composition. The combination of its elements helps to purify our bodies. It also helps to prevent urinary tract infections as well as to reduce uric acid and cholesterol.

Chemical Composition :

(1) Bicarbonate (349mg/l)- It helps to activate the digestive function.

(2) Sodium (6,4mg/l) – It reduces hypertension.

(3) Calcium (91,3mg/l) – Strengthens the bony system.

(4) Magnesium (17,5mg/l) – Improves the function of the nervous system.

(5) Dry Residue (180º) (323mg/l)

Benefits from Sant Aniol’s water:

(1) Appropriate for the whole family – Sant Aniol’s water has an optimal mineral composition thanks to its natural filtering through layers of volcanic rock. It is a balanced water ideal for the whole family.

(2) Beneficial for Athletes – Drinking water before, during and after doing sports is key to recover the water and minerals our body lost. Sant Aniol’s composition makes it a perfect water for athletes.

(3) Adequate for Children – To avoid overloading children below the age of 1 with sodium, it is recommended to give them water that contains less than 20 mg/l. Sant Aniol is low in sodium (6.8 mg/l) and it can be used to prepare food for children.

(4) Indicated for the Elderly – The amount of calcium in the water of Sant Aniol is excellent for all ages and necessary for a properly functioning heart and muscles, as well as to reinforce our bones as our body begins to age. Available both Natural 500ml and 750ml and Carbonated Natural 750ml, in art deco glass bottles.

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