Rodolfi Tomato Puree Tube, 130g



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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • This Tomato Puree Tube is a must-have in pretty much any kitchen, it is versatile, easy to use and has an irresistibly rich tomato flavour.
  • A puree made from farm-fresh tomatoes picked from the fields of the PO river valley and lightly seasoned with salt.
  •  Ideal for enhancing the flavor of soups, meat or fish dishes. Good food, Made with Traditional PassionIn 1856 Francesco Cirio was a pioneer in preserving tomatoes in tins cans. Every day since then, consumers around the world have been able to experience the true taste of Italy on their tables.
  • This tomato puree is made without additives and preservatives.
  • Prepared from the pulp of hand picked fresh juicy tomatoes, rodolfi tomato puree is perfect for all types of cuisine.

Country Of Origin : Italy

Best Before Date: Apr. 2024



The first small tomato processing plant Founded in 1896, Rodolfi Mansueto S.p.A. is one of the oldest Italian industries producing chopped and crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, sauces, passata and tomato powder out of red, fresh, sound and natural tomatoes. It Is Here That Remigio Rodolfi, Uncle Of Mansueto, creates the first factory dedicated to the transformation of the tomato. For 120 years Rodolfi was, in the heart of the Food Valley, processing over 250,000 tons of fresh tomatoes in the three production plants of Ozzano Taro, Fontanini, and Castelguelfo. They were the first to bring a sauce in a tube in the Italian pantries and among the first companies to operate in the organic sector. They are among the oldest tomato processing industries. Research and development are a fundamental part of their work, as they allow them to always remain close to their customers and their needs. Since 1911 it has been synonymous with good tomatoes, which is why it has been chosen by many pizzerias and restaurants, both in Italy and abroad. Only the best Italian tomatoes, selected and picked up at the right point of maturation, transformed under the highest qualitative standards, the tomatoes picked up at the right point of ripening, are transformed at the maximum of the hygienic and qualitative standards. Thanks to our over 100 years long experience and uninterrupted research, we own cutting-edge technologies and specialized knowledge. Our products preserve all the genuine freshness, the fragrance and the right balance of the natural components of the tomato. A dense and creamy puree of tomato, excellent to use as the base for the preparation of main course dishes. This tomato puree paste can also be used for pizza base, pasta.

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