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Rodolfi Tomato Puree Traditional Crushed Tomato, 400g

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  • Rodolfi Ortolina Crushed Tomatoes are a kitchen essential and can be used in a massive range of dishes, Our chopped tomatoes are obtained from the best tomatoes with a rich taste. Thanks to its pieces it can taste the freshness of the tomatoes.
  • Simple and genuine, rich in pulpy pieces that retain all the fragrance of fresh tomatoes.
  • These 100% Italian tomatoes are cut into pieces and fine to consume uncooked. A great base for chunky flavourful sauces and soups.
  • Rodolfi Polpa keeps all the freshness of freshly picked tomatoes. So remarkably fresh, you can try them straight from the can!
  • Ingredients: Tomato acidity regulator : Citric acid

Country Of Origin: Italy

Best Before Date: 31.12.2026




  • We’ve been here for over 120 years, in the heart of Food Valley, in Parma. In our three processing plants (Ozzano, Fontanini e Castelguelfo), we process more than 250.000 tons of fresh tomatoes per year. Because of this, We are one of the world-leading processors of tomatoes, and we’re so proud.
  • We’ve been the first company to bring into the Italian kitchen a ready sauce tube and we’ve been one of the first companies to start the production of organic products. We are consumer-oriented trying to offer them the best quality and meet their needs.
  • Our mission is to preserve the knowledge and experience of those who’ve been working on the land for generations, but with a future-oriented approach: we dream of cultivating in a more modern, efficient and friendly way.
  • We’re always committed to producing in a sustainable way: we work in harmony with the lands where our roots come from. Quality and passion for the tomato pass on from generations to generations.


What makes the difference is the time between harvesting and processing: our tomatoes are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and they come to our production plants within 24 hours.

This is the key to keep intact the taste and the nutritional values of the tomato just picked, excellent antioxidant and very important partner for your health.


  • 100% Natural
  • Preservatives Free
  • No Colouring
  • No Additives
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • No MSG
  • Perfect fusion of convenience and bold flavour


Field, sun and water: that’s what tomato needs to get strong and to grow up healthy. When the tomatoes are reaching the right intense red color, we know that’s the moment. We wait patiently that the tomato gets to the degree of ripeness because it’s the moment where it develops its magnificent taste.

  • Superior ingredient and superior taste
  • Thick and Tangy
  • Tasty and Healthy


  • ISO 45001, IFS, BRC, UNI EN ISO 14001 Certified.
  • For all your Mediterranean cravings elevate the aroma on your table!
  • Convenient and Hygienic packaging

Storage – Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.

Rodolfi Tomato Puree Tube, 130g

Type : Tomato Paste

Ingredients : Tomato, Salt

About Product : Tomatoes with a perfect red color, through the evaporation process at low temperature, become tomato paste. It’s perfect to give colour and taste to your recipes.

Instruction to use : Ideal for enhancing the flavour of soups, meat or fish dishes, pizza base, pastas.

Rodolfi Pizza Sauce Aromatized, 400g

Type : Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata

Ingredients : Tomato, Salt, Sugar, Onion, Oregano, Basil, Spices.

About Product : Pizza Sauce is made by 100% Italian tomatoes refined among other things with basil, oregano and onions. No preservatives or colorants, all natural ingredients.

Instruction to use : Simply spread it generously on the pizza base, put it in the oven and the real Italian pizza is ready.

Rodolfi Spicy Tomato Sauce | Sugo Arrabbiata Sauce| 400g

Type : Spicy Tomato Sauce

Ingredients : Tomato, Olive oil, Red pepper, Salt, Garlic, Parsley, Sugar, Spicy Chili

About Product : Tomato sauce with the addition of chili pepper for whom love the stronger tastes. Basic ingredients that represent the Mediterranean culture: soffritto, spicy flavour

Instruction to use : 100% italian tomatoes to use as a base for your dishes.

Rodolfi Mansueto Rodolfi Ardita Tomato Puree Super Pizza, 2.5kg

Type : Crushed Tomatoes

Ingredients : Crushed tomatoes lightly evaporated, Acidity regulator (citric acid)

About Product : The Super Pizza Ardita is obtained from fresh, sound and ripe tomatoes which are processed within 24 hours after the harvesting to you a high quality product.

Instruction to use : It is the perfect product to make pizza thanks to it’s creamy texture and high yield.

Rodolfi Mansueto Ortolina Tomato Puree

Type : Tomato Puree

Ingredients : Tomato, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric acid)

About Product : Tomato puree is a must of the Mediterranean culture: tasty and with creamy texture. A dense and creamy puree of tomato.

Instruction to use : It’s ideal to make dishes where the flavour of fresh tomato has to be predominant but also as a base for fast dishes.

Rodolfi Mansueto Rodolfi Ortolina Tomato Puree Traditional Crushed Tomato, 400g

Type : Chopped tomato

Ingredients : Tomato, Acidity regulator (citric acid)

About Product : Polpa Rodolfi is finely chopped tomato is designed to make your best pizza. Ready to use, it is also a precious help in the kitchen to make traditional recipes. It keeps all the freshness of the tomato just picked.

Instruction to use : Heat it few minutes and its ready to use. It brings more flavour to your sauces, and pizza and condiments.



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