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Riscossa Spaghetti Bronze-cut Pasta,500g And Rodolfi Tomato Puree, 690g Combo

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  • Spaghetti is best suited for tomato, vegetable and herb based sauces. Made with organic durum wheat semolina using traditional bronze dies, this pasta has a rough textured surface which allows it to better capture and hold sauces once cooked.
  • The product that can’t be missed in your kitchen: only tomato just picked to make a creamy passata. It has a velvety texture with a sweet flavour.
  • Instruction for use: Add Pasta To A Large Pan Of Slightly Salted Boiling Water, Stir And Return To The Boil, Cook About 10-12 Minutes According To Taste Drain And Serve With Your Preferred Sauce.
  • The most basic use of Tomato Purée is to make sauces and dips. It is used to make Basic Tomato Cream sauce for pasta.


Spaghetti Bronze-cut Pasta:

We are pleased today to offer new pasta shape of Bronze-cut Pasta – 100% Italian Wheat. This Bronze cut Spaghetti pasta is a long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta made from 100% Italian durum wheat grown in Puglia in Southern Italy and are produced using a bronze die. Pasta produced in bronze pasta dies are known as bronze-cut pasta, bronze cut means that the raw pasta dough is extruded through a piece of bronze metal with a hole or holes sized for the shape of pasta desired. Compared to regular pasta, it has a more saturated golden color and a rougher, more porous texture than the one made in Teflon dies. The most crucial benefit of bronze die cut pasta is that it results in noodles that have a slightly rough surface. A rougher surface helps sauce and other recipe ingredients stick to the noodle, creating the perfect bite with every bite. Quality has always been a question of method and that is why our pasta is bronze-cut, a traditional procedure which roughens its surface, so that it can hold sauces and seasonings much better. Our pasta is dried slowly, which is the best way of preserving its excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties. Spaghetti is best suited for tomato, vegetable and herb based sauces. All the products we offer are rich in taste and ensure a healthy and balanced diet, as they are prepared using simple and natural ingredients.

Rodolfi Tomato Puree:

Our products preserve all the genuine freshness, the fragrance and the right balance of the natural components of the tomato. The brand name Ortolina derives from the first ready sauce in tubes, which is present not only in Italian kitchens but also abroad since 1936. Only the best Italian tomatoes, selected and picked up at the right point of maturation, transformed under the highest qualitative standards, become products of the Ortolina brand. The original flavor and authenticity of the tradition of the Ortolina brand keep being enriched by new products for a modern kitchen rich of flavors. Rodolfi Classic puree Ortolina.The classic passata is a symbol of traditional home-made processing: consistent, tasty, it allows you to bring simplicity and authenticity to your dishes. The sweet consistency of the passata. The dense and creamy consistency and the sweet notes are the strengths of the passata. It is perfect for recipes where the tomato flavor is predominant such as the Vellutate, the classic Italian first courses such as pasta all’amatriciana or all’arrabbiata and to marry together ingredients with distant flavors. Use it as it is with the addition of pinch of salt and a touch of olive oil or as a base to make all you sauces. Simplicity and tradition are two very complex concepts to harmonize and the new line of Ortolina tomato puree by Rodolfi manages to express them at their best. It is suitable for preparations where the tomato flavor must be predominant, but also as a ready base for quicker preparations such as first courses.

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