Pirouette Dark Brown Soft Sugar| Truly Unrefined | Mauritius Sugar | Confectionery, Cakes, Biscuits and Pudding receipies

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  • Pirouette Truly Unrefined Dark Brown Soft Sugar is a soft, moist sugar with fine dark brown crystals, and a bold character. The molasses ratio is higher in this type of sugar. Due to its higher molasses content the color of this sugar is deep, warm brown with a rich, almost bitter complex flavor similar to toffee.
  • Pirouette Dark Brown Soft Sugar is unbleached sugar with no added colour, no added syrup and Non GMO.
  • Retains a higher proportion of molasses than other types of sugar.
  • Unrefined sugar tends to form lumps due to compaction. To revert to a crystal appearance , break it apart by hand or with a pestle. Lumps due to compaction do not impact product quality or taste profile.
  • Use it to sweeten your coffee or tea, or simply sprinkle it on your cakes and muffins for that extra ‘ummph’! Each sugar has its own unique taste that would surely delight your tastebuds.

Country Of Origin: Mauritius



With Pirouette, we balance the joyful indulgence of unrefined sugar with the technical expertise that enables dedicated bakers to produce sophisticated and delectable creations. The Mauritius Sugar is the proud custodian of Mauritius cane sugars, including a unique range of specialty sugars: 100% delicious, 100% Made in Mauritius. Our sugars are made from freshly cut Non-GMO canes. They are finely crafted, honoring our ancestors’ savoir-faire, and preserving the rich history of Mauritius. With their intense flavors, and deep colours, they reflect the country’s melting pot nature. Our unrefined brown can sugar is free from additives. They are carefully made for those who are serious about baking and know how fun baking can be! Its art, and we want to partner with you to create something that looks, smells, and tastes great on the inside and outside. That’s why we offer you renowned Mauritian sugar. This difference is what makes Pirouette’s truly unrefined Cane sugars so delicious. Developed over generations in collaboration with the world’s leading bakers and sugar artisans, these sugars lock in, rather than refined out the authentic depth of colour and flavor of molasses. Pirouette sugars are made with meticulous precision for diverse household and industrial usage; for sweetening tea or coffee, baking, confectionery cuisine, its delicious and Nutritious. Unrefined dark brown soft cane sugar undergoes less processing than white and brown sugar. It maintains some original molasses undertones and natural depth of complex flavour. Being in the unrefined state, the products are more natural and wholesome, retaining the freshness of sugar cane juice through a complex and delicate blend of flavours and tastes. Our Pirouette Dark Brown Soft Sugar is a soft, moist sugar with fine dark brown crystals, and a bold character. The distinctive notes of fudge and toffee add a burst of flavour to a wide array of gourmet preparations. Puddings and chocolate cakes would not be the same without this Unrefined Special Sugar. Uses: Dark Brown Soft Cane Sugar is an ideal ingredient for accenting and intensifying recipes, including baked goods, sauces, cookies, caramels, cereals, desserts and crumb toppings.

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