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Isvaari Untoasted Flax Seeds

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Weight 1000 g, 250 g, 500 g

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1kg, 250g, 500g

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  • Natural Flax Seeds are raw & unroasted. Our Isvaari Untoasted Flax Seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids & essential minerals like calcium with multiple health benefits, these seeds can help you achieve health goals.
  • Because of the their high fiber and protein content in combination with their high levels of omega-3’s, flax seeds are ideal for controlling blood glucose levels. They’ll quickly calm your appetite so that you can carry on your day without hunger leading you to experience food cravings.
  • A versatile kitchen chief flax seeds add a pleasant nutty flavor and boost your everyday nutrition.
  • Our flax seed adds a pleasant nutty flavor to foods while boosting everyday nutrition. Blends seamlessly in cereals, desserts, smoothies and more.
  • A combination of fiber and protein helps keep you satisfied all day long by curbing hunger and cravings. Each serving of flax seed provides 3g of vegan protein, making it suitable for all diets!

Country Of Origin: India

Best Before Date: 250 grm – 25.01.2024

Best Before Date: 500 grm – 31.01.2024

Best Before Date: 1kg – 16.06.2024



With these certified super grains, Isvaari offers you divine and wholesome gifts from Mother Nature that are a distinct produce of India. These products are sustainably grown and sourced, ensuring that farmers get the just rewards for their toils. Grown since the beginning of civilization, flax seeds are one of the oldest crops. If you are looking for energy-packed seeds, then look no further. Flax seeds belong to the flax plants family, one of the first ones to be cultivated in the history of humankind. Even though they have always been popular, the demand for linseeds has, in the past few years, grown exponentially. Our flax seeds are completely free of additives, and come from certified agriculture. There are two types, brown and golden, which are equally A typical serving size for ground flax seeds is 1 tablespoon (7 grams). nutritious. Just one tablespoon provides a good amount of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to being a rich source of some vitamins and minerals. organic raw flax seeds are kept raw, unroasted, and unsalted to retain all the natural nutritional value it can offer for your health. It has a very mild, nutty flavor that makes it quite a good snack for your taste buds. With its varied culinary uses, Flax seeds are the “eat good, feel good” kind of superfood. Wondering how to incorporate this omega-3 wealth into your daily diet? Use whole or grind as needed and add to yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, smoothies and even your daily fluid intake. Flax seeds have an incredible tendency to turn gelatinous when ground and hydrated, mimicking an egg-like texture. Coupled with their high concentration of fats, they make a hearty replacement to eggs in pancakes, cookies, muffins and more! From the high protein quality, to rich dietary fibre, a moderate dose of flax seeds is a sure kickstart to eating right! Eating flaxseeds daily helps us maintain our overall health accurately. Flaxseeds are said to be a super food as it is loaded with an array of health benefits.

Health Benefits:

1) Flaxseeds contain a group of nutrients called lignans which possess powerful antioxidants properties.

2) Adding flaxseeds to our diet helps promote smooth bowel movements and improve digestive health.

3) Consuming flaxseeds keep us full for longer time and help in managing our weight.

4) They are well known to accelerate the metabolic rate of the body aiding in the weight loss.

5) Flax seeds are high in Omega 3 fats.

Packed & Distributed by: Chenab Impex Pvt Ltd. J1-A, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road Sakinaka, Andheri(E), Mumbai 400072 INDIA.

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2 reviews for Isvaari Untoasted Flax Seeds

  1. Saurabh

    A good product, but the price is high.

  2. Abhinav

    This is an excellent flaxseed. I’ve tried another brand but I much prefer this brand and have purchased it many times with very dependable high quality every time. I’m very grateful for this excellent flaxseed to get my Omega-3. And also to keep my cholesterol level good. Thank you, for being a trusted brand that I can confidently recommend to my family and friends😊

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