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Meishi Udon Noodles

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  • Udon noodles are of Japanese origin. They are thick Japanese noodles, consisting of refined wheat flour, water, and salt. Udon is served mostly hot with a noodles soup. Though in summer season, chilled versions of udon are cooked, in all other seasons including winter, udon is served hot. They are eaten hot and cold, in soups or with a simple garnish, and enjoyed year-round.
  • Meishi udon noodles are versatile ribbon like noodles with a firm bite and silky texture. Enjoy these thick, japanese style noodles hot or cold, in soups, stir-frys or even salads.
  • Ingredients: Refined wheat flour (Maida), water and salt.
  • Allergen: Contains wheat (Gluten).
  • It is one of the most popular styles of Japanese noodles, along with soba and ramen.

Country Of Origin: India

Best Before Date: 250 grm – 11.06.2024

Best Before Date: 1kg –



With Meishi, Chenab takes you on a journey through the Orient by bringing for you authentic ingredients from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia. With varieties of Noodles, rice paper sheets, vermicelli, Meishi has launched some quick cooking, dried noodles – Soba, Udon and Ramen. Noodles are a staple of Japanese cuisine. The popular Japanese noodles are Soba (Whole Wheat and Buck Wheat), Udon (Refined wheat) and Egg Ramen (Refined wheat, Eggs).They are often served chilled with dipping sauces, or in soups or hot dishes. Meishi Udon noodles are made out of refined wheat flour, they are thick and white in color, best as fresh, they are versatile ribbon like noodles with a firm bite and silky texture. Due to their neutral flavor, they are able to absorb strong-flavored ingredients and dishes. They are specially used in Japanese cuisine. It is a comfort food for many Japanese people. There are a variety of ways it is prepared and served. It is usually topped with thinly chopped scallions. More unusual variants include stir-fried yaki udon and curry udon made with Japanese curry. It is often used in Japanese hot pot. Udon noodles are boiled in a pot of hot water. Depending on the type of udon, the way it is served is different as well. Udon noodles are usually served chilled in the summer and hot in the winter. Due to the mild taste, udon noodles are great to use with strong flavors and ingredients. Meishi Udon noodles are typically served as a noodle soup in a hot broth, but they can also be served cold, with a dipping sauce. Some of the more popular udon dishes are Kake udon, Curry udon, Yaki udon.

How to cook:

1) Cook the noodles in boiling water for about 4-5 minutes.

2) Stir tenderly until the noodles loosen then drain the hot water.

3) Rinse in clear cold water.

4) Serve fried, or with soup or with your favourite gravy.

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2 reviews for Meishi Udon Noodles

  1. Santoshi Mishra

    Healthy but not much flavor.

  2. Kavya

    I have had fresh, a few others dried, but this it the one that I purchase again, and again, and again.

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