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Meishi Thai Long Grained Red Rice

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  • Thai red rice has a soft texture, nutty taste and chewy consistency. The delicious rice has long grains with a red tint. They are the worthy cause of vitamin B, iron, fiber and calcium.
  • Red cargo rice is commonly served in both Thai and Vietnamese meals. Lately people are eating red rice in order to capture the added nutrition.
  • Try serving this rice as a side dish or incorporating it into risotto and other mixed rice dishes.
  • Red rice gets its colour from the red bran layer around the grain. It’s got a beautiful deep red colour and long thin grains. When it’s cooked the grains burst to reveal the fluffy white insides.
  • Allergen: May Contain traces of nuts.

Country Of Origin: Thailand

Best Before Date: 23.02.2024



With Meishi, Chenab takes you on a journey through the Orient by bringing for you authentic ingredients for Cuisines from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia. Great for traditional Asian recipes made in professional or home kitchens. Meishi offers you Thai long grained red rice, it is a not-to-miss part of Thai culture as it is the main staple of their diet. Also labeled as Khao Deng, red rice is a very old grain that compliments Asian cuisine. History indicates that rice has been growing in Thailand since the 6th century. Thai red rice has a soft texture, nutty taste and chewy consistency. The delicious rice has long grains with a red tint. The rice is refined to take out the outer shell, but the bran or external layer is not polished off, unlike white rice. It is packed full of energy with vitamin B1, iron and loads of calcium. Thai red rice is available in many varieties. Thai red cargo is the most popular amongst Thai people. It has long grains and looks almost like Jasmine rice. Coral Jasmine red rice is another popular type which is semi-polished and has an earthy shade. All varieties of red rice are high in fiber due to its unpolished external shell. Thai long grain red rice Red rice derives its name from its characteristic red colour. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, such as quercetin, myricetin, and anthocyanins apigenin, which imparts the reddish hue to the rice. Pleasant nutty aroma with a slightly firm, chewy exterior and tender interior. Also known as Thai cargo rice. Thai people are very much addicted to this type of rice; it goes well with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The added attraction is that it takes very little time to cook. The flavonoids and minerals present in red rice offer a gamut of health benefits.

Due to its rich mineral content, red rice also grants the following benefits:

1) Strengthened bone.

2) Better metabolism.

3) Improved immune response.

4) Better digestive functions.

Like any other brown rice, the bran covering the rice requires a longer cooking time and more water than white rice. Soaking for 2 hours beforehand reduces cooking time. Discard soaking water. Grains often split open while cooking.

Cooking Methods:

1) Rinse the rice in several changes and drained off excess water.

2) For each cup of whole grain red rice, use 2 cups water/broth if soaking for at least 2 hours.

You can then cook the rice with green vegetables and soft meat. For a tantalizing experience, try it with robust curries. The cooked grains are chewy and soft, and too tempting not to want more and more .

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3 reviews for Meishi Thai Long Grained Red Rice

  1. Nancy

    This rice is so very tasty and very good for you even my kids loved it!

  2. Narendra

    Its so nutritious and effective in weight loss without having any iron and magnesium deficiencies

  3. Kirti

    I wish more people would discover this rice. It is nutty and full flavored. So, so much better than brown rice and about as good as wild rice.

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