Meishi Tempura Batter Mix


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  • Meishi Tempura batter is used in Japanese and Oriental cuisines for making a batter with cold water to coat vegetables and seafood before frying.
  • Make Crispy and Delicious Pakora, Bhajiya Etc. In an Instant with Meish Tempura Batter Mix
  • Tempura Flour Is The Quintessential Batter, That Gives Seafood, Vegetables And Poultry A Delicate, Crispy Coating.
  • Setting the fried tempura on a rack will keep it crisp and it’ll keep nicely hot in the oven while you cook the rest of the food. You can also prepare the tempura in advance by letting it cool completely on the rack, then storing it in an airtight container in the fridge.
  • Combine with your favorite ingredient to enjoy a light and crispy tempura dish.


Meishi takes you on journey through the Orient by bringing you authentic ingredients for use in your traditional recipes. Meishi Introduce you with new verity of Meishi Tempura Batter Mix. Tempura, is a typical Japanese dish usually consisting of seafood, meat, and vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. The dish was introduced by the Portuguese residing in Nagasaki through the fritter-cooking techniques in the 16th century. The name “tempura” may originate from the Latin phrase quatuor anni tempora, which refers to the Ember Days, during which no meat is consumed or from the Portuguese word tempêro, meaning “seasoning”. Meishi Tempura batter is used in Japanese and Oriental cuisines for making a light batter which is made of iced water ,Tempura batter is traditionally mixed in small batches using chopsticks for only a few seconds, leaving lumps in the mixture that, along with the cold batter temperature, result in the unique fluffy and crisp tempura structure when cooked. The batter is often kept cold by adding ice, or by placing the bowl inside a larger bowl with ice in it. Thin slices or strips of vegetables or seafood are dipped in the batter, then briefly deep-fried in hot oil. Vegetable oil or canola oil are most common.

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