Meishi Ban Mien Handcut Hakka Fine Noodles,300g And Meishi Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce 290 ml Combo

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Weight 590 g
Veg- NonVeg


  • Ban Mien Handcut Hakka Fine-Size Noodles.
  • Meishi Soy Sauce is naturally brewed. A traditional and delicate process that takes months. Only selected, natural ingredients are used to produce a pure, subtle, savoury taste, which is totally different from non-brewed soy sauce.


Ban Mien Handcut Hakka Fine Noodles:

Cook the noodles with soup adding butter and seasoning, add tofu, meat or vegetables according to choice. Serve as cooked noodles with butter, oyster mushroom, Chinese sauce, or stir fry with broccoli, snow peas, and pepper.

Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce:

Brewed (or “naturally brewed”) soy sauce is made from a special fermentation process. Typically, roasted soybeans and wheat grain are combined in a multistep procedure with water, salt and natural mold and bacteria “starters” (which work in much the same way in the making of yogurt and sourdough bread) Fermentation is an important part of the process and the longer the soy sauce ferments, the deeper the resulting flavour becomes. Brewers can take months or even years to produce a batch of high-quality soy sauce. Unlike natural shoyu, commercial soy sauce tastes harsh, salty and one-dimensional. In contrast, the best quality naturally fermented shoyu not only contributes its own rich flavor to foods, but also harmonizes the flavors of the different ingredients present in any given dish. It is the perfect sauce for cooking or as a table-top seasoning. It’s also suitable for all kinds of dishes. Try our Meishi Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce with your favourites burgers and salads. This unique condiment adds a mellow flavour and a rich umami quality to all kinds of foods. Ideal for soups, salad, vegetable sauces and oriental cooking.

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