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La Costena Tomatillos – Whole Green Tomatoes


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  • DELICIOUS TANGY TOMATOES : The La Costena Whole Tomatillo is a can of fresh and tangy tomatillos, perfect for creating delicious Mexican dishes. Whether you’re making salsa verde, enchiladas verdes, or stews with chicken or pork, these tomatillos will add a burst of flavour to your recipes. This large can size is ideal for parties or for those who love to cook with tomatillos frequently.
  • PREPARATION AND USAGE : Whole, green tomatillos are a key element in Mexican cuisine and often create a base for sauces, salsa and soup. They have a unique, tangy flavour and, Mexican food places a lot of emphasis on acidic flavours, it blends perfectly into Latin American dishes and complements so many other Mexican ingredients such as Mexican chillies and beans. It means they’re a staple in cooking.
  • The flavor and tartness your homemade dishes want : More tangy and tart than ripe tomatoes, La Costena Tomatillos deliver that unique flavor and texture that make Mexican green salsas and traditional dishes what they are.
  • EASY MEAL ADDITION : Tomatillos La Costeña® are perfect for making homemade sauces. For breakfast, they go great with chilaquiles, in omelettes, or just scrambled into eggs.
  • Ingredients : Whole tomatillos, Water, Salt and Citric Acid.


Since 2014, in cooperation with Ms Titsa Anastasiadi, it started importing products from well-known, international brands, aspiring to offer authentic flavours from a variety of “kitchens of the world”. Our banner in this effort is La Costena company, which from 2004 stands by the Greek professional and consumer, offering genuine, traditional Mexican products. Mexican cuisine owes its colours and its richness to its very fresh ingredients, many of which were unknown to us until Columbus discovered the Americas. A leader in the Mexican market, 100% Mexican, and with over 80 years of experience in salsas, fruits and vegetables, La Costeña produces a wide range of traditional, high quality, authentic Mexican foods. “Tomate” or “tomatillos” are small green tomatoes and are really common in Mexican cuisine. Tomatillos may resemble green tomatoes slightly, but they’re a completely different fruit. They do belong to nightshade family, the same family but they have a very different flavor than tomatoes. The Aztecs called the little green tomato “tomatl” which was confused by the Spaniards for “tomate” (tomato). The canned Whole green tomatillos are a fruit, closest in taste to a green unripe tomato which enhance the taste in all sorts of classic Mexican dishes. These La Costena Green Tomatillos bring a fresh and delightful flavor to your favorite dishes. You get plenty to create a unique and tasty meal for the whole family to enjoy. These canned tomatillos are crammed with rich flavour, and can be used instead of fresh ones in recipes: simply eliminate the first step where the tomatillos are usually simmered or roasted.  This vegetable has a tart and tangy flavor that makes it ideal for use in green sauces and salsas, so you can make homemade sides that stand out. La Costena Tomatillos are the culinary superstar behind the zesty punch in Mexican green sauces. When enjoyed raw, tomatillo’s tart flavor is striking. They’re best used in tomatillo salsa, or blended with spicy peppers (also known as salsa verde). They can also be minced finely with green chillies, coriander, shallots, salt and added to salads or as a garnish for rich meat dishes in place of lemon juice. One can also use them to make a spicy salsa for chip dipping or to coat enchiladas, as an addition to your omelettes and breakfast burritos, or use tomatillo sauces in chicharron, pork, and beef dishes, or with meatballs or chilaquiles. They are so versatile and the perfect staple to have in your stock cupboard! When tinned, like these, tomatillos become delicate to handle, don’t worry, use a slotted spoon and scope them out gently from the tin. All the flavour is still there!

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