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La Costena Refried Black Beans, 3kg

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  • The perfect side to all your favorite dishes : Enjoy our traditional recipe refried black beans as a side dish, as a filling for burritos, tacos, and tostadas, as a base for dips and spreads, and more.
  • Authentic Mexican Flavor at Its Best : Take your homemade Mexican dishes to the next level with our refried black beans. They are plump cooked, smashed, getting the creamy and tender consistency. They’re everything you love about homemade versions — thick, creamy, flavorful — but without any of the effort.
  • Heating Directions: Microwave : Empty La Costena Refried Black Beans into a microwave-safe container. Cover. Heat 1-2 minutes. Stir and serve. Conventional: Empty La Costena Refried Black Bean into a saucepan. Heat to simmer.
  • A Healthy Choice : They have zero cholesterol, they’re rich in iron and calcium, and they’re a great source of fiber.
  • Ingredients : Water, Black Beans, Soybean Oil, Onion, Salt, Jalapeno Peppers and Spices.
  • Storage : Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated.


Since 2014, in cooperation with Ms Titsa Anastasiadi, it started importing products from well-known, international brands, aspiring to offer authentic flavours from a variety of “kitchens of the world”. Our banner in this effort is La Costena company, which from 2004 stands by the Greek professional and consumer, offering genuine, traditional Mexican products. Mexican cuisine owes its colours and its richness to its very fresh ingredients, many of which were unknown to us until Columbus discovered the Americas. A leader in the Mexican market, 100% Mexican, and with over 80 years of experience in salsas, fruits and vegetables, La Costeña produces a wide range of traditional, high quality, authentic Mexican foods. Black Beans contain iron naturally and La Costeña® brings them to you, with quality and their traditional flavor. Refried beans is a dish of cooked and mashed beans that is a traditional staple of Mexican. They are cooked and mildly spiced. La Costena Refried beans or frijoles are dried beans cooked, mashed and then fried in oil with various seasonings including onions, salt and jalapeños pepper. The frying is what imparts the unique flavor. Refried beans are a great source of fiber and protein, and despite the “fried” in their name, they don’t actually contain that much fat and aren’t as unhealthy as they’re often made out to be. They Have The Right Spiciness, Flavour and The Right Ingredients Enriched With Iron and Calcium. Refried beans make the perfect side dish for Mexican food. Serve the beans warm and you could sprinkle some cheese on top. Other uses include, as a filling for burritos, spread over tostadas, dolloped on top of nachos, or simply as a dip on their own. All you have to do is heat and serve! La Costena Refried Black Beans can also be used to prepare a lot of different dishes or used as a side-dish to perfectly complement and add flavour anytime. They are the kind of versatile pantry staple you’ll want to restock again and again.

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