Isvaari 70% Organic Dark Chocolate

3.324.67 /gm

Weight 75 g, 30 g
Veg- NonVeg



Best Before: Array
  • Isvaari ‘s Organic 70% Dark Chocolate is Vegan, Gluten Free and USDA Organic ethically Sourced chocolate.
  • Every ingredient used while making Isvaari ‘s Organic Dark Bar is of the finest organic quality.
  • Experience chocolate perfection with this delightfully dark chocolate bar containing 70% pure cocoa content, made from the finest cocoa beans.
  • This mild 70% Cocoa variety offers a smooth and creamy dark chocolate that is neither too bitter nor overpowering.
  • Made using the finest beans from the South of India, this chocolate bar has a original fruity notes of the roasted cocoa.

Country Of Origin: India

Best Before Date: 30 grm – 15.03.2024

Best Before Date: 75 grm – 20.10.2023




Made using 100% organic, sustainably grow, and ethically sourced ingredients. We’ve sourced these beans from small grower partners in Kerala. These growers are custodians of their land, taking care of it for generations. They use a combination of traditional and modern best practices to best preserve it.

We select and use only the finest ingredients and make each batch by hand to delight our customers. We use unalkalized cocoa to allow the natural and complex aromas and flavours to stand out. We use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The love and skill of our growers and artisans mean now we can proudly claim that Indian chocolates have caught up to global standards. The ethical sourcing from small cocoa farmers of Kerala make this a virtuous cycle, so you’re getting a great product while supporting local too!

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