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iSi Cream Profi Whip Professional Cream Whipper


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0.5L, 1L


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  • For fresh, pure whipped and flavored cream, the ISI Cream Profi Whip is the professionals choice of cream whipper. For the preparation of light and fluffy Espumas, finger food, warm and cold sauces and whipped soups as well as whipped cream and desserts. For the preparation of pure whipped cream, flavored cream and delicious desserts. Yields up to twice the amount of whipped cream in comparison with other whipping methods.
  • ISi Profi whip 1 litre cream whipper made from hygienic, dishwasher-safe, brush-finished stainless steel. The Profi Whip makes whipped cream in coffee shops around the world. For hot sauces or espumas we recommend the ISi Gourmet Whip, ISi Thermo-Whip or Mosa all Stainless Steel whipper.
  • Stainless steel bottle head is designed for professional use; removable stainless steel head valve and silicone seal with quick release tab for easy and hygienic cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; replacement parts available; use with ISi professional chargers only.
  • This whipper is specifically for dispensing whipped cream and yields up to two times the amount of whipped cream compared to other whipping methods. It provides light, delicate whipped cream each and every time it’s used.

Country Of Origin: Austria



On May 14, 1964, the foundation for the brand name and logo for today’s iSi Group was laid with the listing of the iSi Metallwarenfabrik GesmbH. Since then, innovative strength and research have been the factors for success behind their international market leadership in pressurized gas systems. Today, the iSi Group is present worldwide with production and sales facilities, selling products to more than 90 countries. They provide customized solutions for all applications in which compact energy is required in the form of pressurized gas chargers.” iSi began as Karl Fischer-Pochtler GmbH. In the early 19th century, it was already producing the first soda machines under the company name Carl Pochtler AG. The CO2 chargers used for making soda water and the N2O chargers for creating cream, soups, sauces, and foams make up the core product of the company’s Culinary division. For the preparation of pure whipped cream, flavored cream and delicious desserts, the iSi Professional Cream Profi Whip dispenser yields up to twice the amount of whipped cream in comparison with other whipping methods. The professional cream whipper for coffee shops, ice cream parlors, pastry shops and more. Stainless steel bottle and head designed for the professional use. Head with protective silicone grip and removable stainless steel valve for easy cleaning. The ISI Cream Profi Whip provides twice as much whipped cream when compared against traditional whipping methods. With its stainless steel bottle and head, this whipper is designed for professional use and will give you many years of fantastic service. The protective silicone grip makes it easy to hold and use, while the stainless steel valve can be removed for easy cleaning.

Best Practice for Usage:

  • Fill the Cream Profi Whip canister with 1 quart of Heavy Whipping Cream and 1.5 ounces of flavored syrup for each pint of cream; gently shake ingredients in whipper to combine.
  • Check to be sure that the white head gasket is in place inside the head. Screw the dispensing tip onto the head. Screw the head onto the bottle securely.
  • Place a cream charger into the charger holder – piercing tip facing up.
  • Screw the charger holder with cream charger onto the whipper. You will hear a gas release sound when the charger is pierced, and the whipper bottle will feel colder.
  • Shake the device vigorously 8-10 times. Unscrew the charger holder and dispose of the empty charger. You will hear a slight hissing sound when you unscrew, this is normal. When using a Quart Size: Repeat steps 3 and 4 with a second charger.
  • Dispense whipped cream canister in a top-down or head-first position, using your three fingers to press lever and your index finger and thumb to stabilize the inverted canister.
  • You can store filled whippers on their side in a refrigerator. The cream will be fresh until the “sell by” date.
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