Gastrocultura Toufood Polyols Isomalt



Country Of Origin: Spain



Used for cooking due to its good stability in humid environments, a common problem in the sweet making process.

Polyol obtained from sucrose, with a sweetening power 0.5 times that of table sugar or sucrose.

It is stable at high temperatures (150 ºC). This property makes it suitable for sweet products, avoiding the typical color of burnt caramel.

Characteristics and uses:

  • Used for candies, sugar-free chocolates, chewing gum, confitures, jellies and, in general, food products for diabetics.
  • In cooking, it is the most used polyol to replace sugar, especially in pastry, since the mid-1990s.
  • Once melted, it does not caramelize, so it is easy to shape and make all kinds of figures.
  • Suggested ratio: according to a recipe.
  • Available in packs of 700 gm.
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