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  • Use: Mix with saccharose or other carbohydrates and put into the liquid.
  • It sets at 25 ºBx. For better results, increase this ratio. Optimum conditions are achieved between pH 3,5-3,7.
  • It is thermoreversible. It resists well freezing and thawing processes.
  • The suggested ratio for gelled products: 10-20 g/kg of fruit.
  • Available in packs of 600 gm.

Country Of Origin: Spain



It is a fibrous carbohydrate extracted from citruses and apples and combined with dextrose and calcium, suitable for making coating sauces, creams, and coatings.


For coating sauces, creams and coatings.

Fibrous carbohydrate, extracted from critics and apples, combined with dextrose for good dispersion, salts for a slow gelification, and calcium to improve the whole process.

It is a gluten-free product and, therefore, suitable for celiac.

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