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Gandola Savoiardi Ladyfingers Biscuits, 400g



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  • About Product: Gandola Savoiardi biscuits are light and sponge-like, often used in desserts like tiramisu or enjoyed on their own. The biscuits have a delicate texture and are perfect for soaking up flavors from coffee, liqueur, or other ingredients. It is our egg cookie made according to the Italian confectionery tradition: flour, sugar and fresh eggs.
  • Ideal for: preparing tiramisu, zuppa inglese and many other homemade desserts; perfect also to soak in tea.
  • Ingredient: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Pasteurised Fresh Eggs (26%), Glucose Syrup, Vanilla extract, Salt.
  • Uses: They are commonly used in various desserts and recipes. Some popular uses of Savoiardi biscuits include: Tiramisu: They are a key ingredient in the classic Italian dessert tiramisu. They are soaked in coffee or espresso and layered with a creamy mixture of mascarpone cheese, sugar, and sometimes liquor. Trifles: These biscuits can be used in trifles, which are layered desserts typically made with cake, fruit, custard, and whipped cream. The biscuits add a light and airy texture to the layers. Individual desserts: It can be used as a base for individual desserts like mini cheesecakes or individual tiramisu cups or served with tea and coffee. They provide a sturdy base that holds the dessert together.
  • If you like baking, your pantry should never be without ladyfingers. Gandola Savoiardi biscuits are versatile and can be used in various desserts to add texture and flavour.


Zaghis desserts are unique and special, handmade, the soul of tradition and the result of a history of artisanal specialties since 1952. From traditional desserts such as panettone, pandoro, colombe and focaccia to everyday desserts, strudel, braids, panfrutto, tiramisu and many others. Zaghis was chosen by Antonio Lorenzon, winner of the 9th edition of Masterchef Italia, for the creation of his exclusive panettone. Italian biscuits known as Savoiardi are an essential ingredient of Tiramisu – Italy’s iconic dessert. Today we launch an exceptional Savoiardi, from the Gandola. Savoiardi are known in English as ladyfingers. They are delicious egg-based biscuits, also known as “spoons”. They are very light, crumbly cookies with an oblong shape made with a special dough into which egg whites beaten separately are added to give the cookies an incredible airiness. Their lightness and crumbliness make them perfect for use in desserts, as they readily absorb creams and sauces. They can be used whole or crushed into a sort of crumble onto which a sauce or soft cream is poured over them. They are used in Classic desserts such as tiramisu, charlotte, trifle and soufflé. a variety of cakes and can be eaten as is for a sweet snack. They are golden-cream colored and lightly rounded on the top with flat bottoms. They are light and airy with a gentle crunch and a mild sweet flavor. These biscuits are perfect for any occasion and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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