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  • Our Dolce Vita Semolina Couscous is an alternative to Rice and Pasta.
  • Preparation: Bring 1 1/4 cup water to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup couscous. Let sit covered for 7-8 minutes. Fluff with a fork and serve.
  • Couscous is a staple dish of North Africa, it is made from small, round pieces of semolina, it has a mild, nutty flavor and a fluffy, airy texture. It’s the ideal side dish for stews and dishes prepared in sauces as it absorbs their juices perfectly.
  • Semolina Couscous is a delicious and nutritious alternative to rice or Pasta. One of its main perks is that it is so easy and quick to cook! We all could do with some time savers!
  • The grain retains their shape and texture even when reheated, and they do not clump together. It’s the perfect base for flavorful salads, side dishes, or even as a main course.


Chenab brings for you the latest range of wholesome and versatile grains: Couscous, Whole-wheat Couscous, Bulgur Wheat, and Toasted Orzo Pasta! These new additions to our product lineup are sure to delight food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality products that promote a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. Couscous is a traditional North African dish made of small steamed granules of rolled semolina, the hardest part of the grain of durum wheat, which resists the grinding of the millstone. The semolina is sprinkled with water and rolled with the hands to form small pellets, sprinkled with dry flour to keep them separate, and then sieved. Any pellets that are too small to be finished, granules of couscous fall through the sieve and are again rolled and sprinkled with dry semolina and rolled into pellets. This labor-intensive process continues until all the semolina has been formed into tiny couscous granules. As our Dolce Vita Couscous is made from durum wheat semolina, it is particularly high in protein, which makes it a healthier choice than other pastas. It’s also high in B vitamins and selenium, so it is by no means an ‘empty’ carb. Couscous is not gluten free. In fact, semolina flour is especially high in gluten! If you’re good with gluten, and looking to mix up your dinner side dishes, our basic couscous recipe might be just the ticket!

How to Cook Couscous: All you need to make perfect Dolce vita semolina couscous is 7-8 minutes and some stock. Chicken stock or vegetable stock will both work. The key as with cooking most grains is to know the ratio. The couscous ratio is 1.5 cups couscous : 2 cups stock.

Here’s how to make our easy couscous recipe:

1) Bring a pot of stock to a boil.

2) When you’ve got a rolling boil, turn off the heat, pour in the couscous and cover the pot.

3) Leave it for five whole minutes.

4) Grab a fork and open that lid. The couscous should have soaked up all of that flavorful stock. The tiny couscous kernels tend to stick together as they cook, so use the fork to gently fluff the couscous a bit.

5) Serve. Couscous can be served either as a side dish or as the main dish, when it’s often combined with fruits, vegetables, or meat, but it is also commonly used in the preparation of various salads and soups.

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