D’aucy Kidney Beans, 400g And Hugo Reitzel Sliced Jalapenos,500g Combo

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Weight 900 g
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  • Kidney beans are very popular mainly because of their deep, unique full taste and smooth texture. It is a rich source of protein which is a healthier option than red meat or dairy products as it is saturated fat-free and low calorie.
  • Jalapenos are picked green and generally used in this unripen state. They also make a good substitute for hotter peppers.
  • Well cooked and prepared kidney beans can be a healthy component to a well-balanced diet.
  • Use in/with – Use it for American & Mexican Cuisines, Burrito, Tacos, Casserole & Pizza, Burgers & Sandwich, Curries.


Kidney Beans:

Daucy guarantees top quality and traceability of its products. We ensure this guarantee by controlling all the stages of the production from the farmer’s field to the consumer’s plate. Kidney beans are given the name due to the resemblance of the human kidney in shape and colour. They are high in protein and fibre and provide an abundance of nutrients to a meal. The flavor is mild and delicate, with a nice firm texture that absorbs lots of flavors when they’re cooked. Also a great source of fiber and protein, these are a good choice for vegan and vegetarians. The Kidney bean is popular in most kitchens – excellent in soups, casseroles, chili recipes, great salad garnish.

Sliced Jalapenos:

Hugo Reitzel brings to you a range of food items that will not only satiate your taste buds but will also kill your hunger prangs. Packed with the best of ingredients, these are fresh and delicious. Think your homemade pizza is lacking some toppings? Add a handful of these sliced jalapenos and your pizza is done and delicious. The jalapeño is a medium-sized chili pepper pod type cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum. Sliced jalapeno are also known as strips of chiles. To give the peppers more flavor the chiles have to roasted, peeled and cut into strips, and even though the recipes can change, the chiles are sautéed with seasonings, herbs and onions to be served as a side dish with meats or vegetables. Canned, pickled or sliced are just some of the ways jalapenos are sold. In a jar or in a can jalapenos are pickled meaning they are preserved in vinegar, which may slightly alter the taste of the jalapenos. Give your next meal a piquant touch with these spicy and tasty jalapenos. Chop, or mince and use to make salsas, guacamole, add to any dish or serve whole on a sandwich, hamburger or on the side.

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