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Bamix PRO-1 with 200W power 220-240V / 50-60H (MONO)Immersion Hand Blender

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  • Powerful 200 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 13,000 RPM and 18,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • The Bamix multi-purpose blade makes fast work of chopping, pureeing, and mixing all hard and heavy ingredients. Your Bamix immersion blender is always at hand, easy to use, and eliminates extra work in the kitchen—while making foods that are fresher and tastier.
  • This hand mixer comes with a convenient wall mount that allows you to always keep your Bamix Mono Pro close by and accessible so whenever you need it it’s always at arm’s length.
  • Package Include: Bamix Pro-Series blender, Beater blade, Whisk blade, Multi-purpose blade, Wall bracket, NSF Rated.


Bamix, from Switzerland, stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and enduring quality.
Each Bamix hand blender is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a level of durability and performance
that is unparalleled. This dedication to excellence has cemented Bamix’s reputation as the creator of
the smallest yet most versatile kitchen machine in the world. Amateur and professional chefs around
the world have trusted the products for decades.

The bamix® of Switzerland lifetime motor guarantee covers all appliances manufactured after 1
January 2020. This guarantee ensures the performance and functionality of the motor for the
entire lifetime of the product, provided that the product is used and maintained properly. This
guarantee emphasises bamix®’s commitment to the quality and durability of its products.

The Bamix hand mixer is completely safe to use in hot liquids. Thanks to its innovative, doubleinsulated watertight housing and fully-sealed casing, it can be immersed deeply right up to the
handle’s buttons. It can be used in a small glass as well as in a large and hot pan on the stove. Thanks
to its double-insulated watertight housing, it can be immersed right up to the handle.

Professional performance in a standard size for the professional chef or the experienced
amateur cook. Don’t let its size fool you: The bamix® PRO-1 is just as suited to the rigors of the
commercial kitchen as it is to the experienced hobby chef. It features a powerful Swiss Made
150W AC-Motor and two powerful speed settings and 3 stainless steel attachments. The
practical wall holder offers space for attachments and the bamix® is always at hand.

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