Gastrocultura Toufood Thickeners Carobin



  • Mix in cold stirring vigorously, bring to the boil, and let cool down.
  • Its thickening properties are ideal for making products such as sauces and bechamels.
  • If used with Xanthän or Xanthän Instant acts as a gelling agent and produces a very elastic gel.
  • Normal doses: 5–10 g/l for thickening and 2.5–5 g/l of Caröbin + 2.5–5 g/l of Xanthän for gelling.
  • Available in packs of 500 gm.


It is used as a thickener in sauces or as a stabilizer and emulsifier in ice cream.

Caröbin or Locust Bean Gum is a fibrous carbohydrate obtained from carob seeds. Polysaccharide and hydrocolloid cataloged as vegetable gum of galactomannans.

The viscosity of Locust Bean Gum is not affected by acids or salt. It is dispersible both in cold and hot liquids.

If used with Xanthän produces very elastic gels.

It is a gluten-free product and, therefore suitable for celiac. Country of origin: Spain.

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