The Avocado was first discovered in Mexico in 291 B.C. The rich, creamy fruit reached the far corners of the earth through trade and is still heralded as one of the world’s most delicious healthy foods. Our 100% Pure Sol Avocado Oil comes from Mexico, the largest avocado-producing region in the world. Mexican avocados are high in mono-saturated fats; which studies suggest helps reduce bad cholesterol. Avocado oil has a soft buttery texture and soft, pleasant aroma.This green-yellow gourmet oil is extracted from the pulp of the fresh fruit, the taste and the smell can be perceived as the fresh avocado. Sol avocado oil has all the benefits and properties of the avocado, exceeds in nutritional and healthy properties the olive oil even in the smoke point of 260ªC . As it has a high smoke point, it can be used for frying without deterioration of oil and the best part is it can be re-used. “Sol” Avocado oil is 100% natural with no food preservatives and it is 100% made from Hass Avocado, which has more fat than other varieties and to maintain its goodness, we don´t mix it with other oils. Avocado is known as “the green gold”, so we consider “Sol” the avocado oil, as the liquid gold, for the nutritional and healthy properties that it brings. Avocado oil has become the preferred oil used by important international chefs for its high smoke point (260° C) and viscosity. It doesn´t modify the taste or the smell of the food, it doesn´t stick to the food and you use less oil to cook than with traditional oils, even the olive oil. Our delicious avocado oil offers a healthier replacement for nearly any cooking oil. It’s great for dressings like vinaigrette, ideal for grilling and roasting, or as a garnish for bread, pizza, or fresh fruits and veggies!

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Sol 100% Mexican Avocado Oil

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