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Elevate your Culinary game with Hugo Reitzel.

When you hear of the brand Hugo Reitzel, images of wonderfully tangy, sweet and savoury condiments dance before your eyes. Since 1909, they have been the foremost maker and seller of condiments like pickled gherkins, bread and butter gherkin chips, dill, banana peppers, jalapenos, baby corn and others. Most of these condiments are staples when it comes to barbeque, where the predominantly sour, near citric/acidic flavour helps cut through the fattiness of the meat. Are there other ways in which these products can elevate your culinary game though? Let’s find out.

  1. Whole Jalapenos, for that authentic Mexican flavour


Mexican cuisine is known for its vibrant, full bodied and oftentimes caliente (hot) flavour. Jalapenos are an essential part of many Mexican marinades, salsa, sauces and dips. Hugo Reitzel Whole Jalapenos are just the hot and tiny bit sweet kick your cooking needs. Whether you’re a burrito beast or a taco aficionado, these jalapenos are perfect to take your taste buds on a Mexican fiesta. Pro-tip: Slice them fine (with the seeds in for a wilder kick) and add them to your salsa, to elevate your chip and dip game.


  1. Hugo Reitzel Sliced Banana Peppers, for a pizza topping to die for


When it comes to homemade pizza, the sky’s the limit for innovative toppings. Hugo Reitzel Sliced Banana Peppers with their sweet, tangy and zestful crunch make a perfect accompaniment to fierier toppings like spiced meats, hotter chillies and caramelised onions.

  1. Sweet and Sour Baby Corn to add a sweet and tangy twist to stir fries


One of the most satisfying and healthy treats you can whip up for your family is a stir fry. Fresh veggies, low fat meat and/or seafood are all a vital part of this dish. Add a legendary twist to your Sunday stir fry with Hugo Reitzel Sweet and Sour Baby Corn. Liven up proceedings in the pan with sweet and sour flavours that are sure to draw a gasp of surprise and delight from your dinner guests.


  1. Save the boring old sandwich with Hugo Reitzel Bread and Butter Sliced Gherkin Chips

The sandwich is a quick and easy to make snack that can be as wild or as tame as your imagination. While lettuce, mayo, mustard and ketchup are all essential condiments, Hugo Reitzel Bread and Butter Sliced Gherkin Chips can really bring a huge gush of surprising flavour to the proceedings. Whether chicken salami is the main protein or you’re looking at a vegetarian patty to be the star of the show, these wonderful gherkin chips add an amazing sweet and sour tang that really makes all the difference!

  1. Other innovative uses of Hugo Reitzel condiments


Condiments like the Hugo Reitzel’s range can really help add a new dimension of taste and flavour to your everyday cooking. Begin your exploration of Hugo Reitzel range here.


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